Perio Protect®

Perio Protect®: An Alternative for Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is more common than you think. Over 85% of the populace has gum disease, a condition that causes bad breath, bleeding gums and is the chief cause of tooth loss. This condition is often left untreated, leading to reduced dental health and costly restorative treatments, many of which require extensive and uncomfortable dental care and often painful oral surgery to correct. There is however, an alternative: Perio Protect Method®. This advanced periodontal treatment targets biofilms within the mouth, reducing and controlling bacteria colonies which grow in gum pockets between teeth and gum tissue. Comfortable, minimally invasive and customized to each patient, Perio Protect uses medicated dental trays produced in certified medical labs to decrease harmful bacteria and promote healing. These antibiotic medications seep beneath the gums, targeting disease-causing bacteria that infect and inflame the soft tissues of the mouth.

Dr. Pohl suggests using Perio Trays® in conjunction with your daily brushing and flossing and your normal deep cleaning treatments, which are called scaling and root planing. Our dentist will work with you to adjust your Perio Protect treatments as you proceed through the process so you can achieve optimal results.

During the first few days of treatment, patients are required to wear the Perio Trays multiple times a day, which is reduced to only twice a day as the oral conditions within the mouth improve.

In just a few weeks, this alternative gum disease treatment should reduce periodontal pockets, stabilize the teeth, and demonstrate significant bone gain. When following proper treatment routines, patients should notice improvements such as pink gum tissue and reduced or no bleeding.

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